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Professor Karl George MBE

Karl George MBE, Managing Director at the governance forum is a thought leader and nationally established consultant in governance, with over twenty years combined
experience in accountancy, business and strategic development. An accountant by profession and successful businessman, he has become a visiting professor, established author and conference speaker.

Karl works with boards and senior executives in the private, public and voluntary sectors to develop or redefine their corporate strategy, improve how high
performing boards operate and to implement effective board behaviour. His work with over one hundred organisations in the third sector, alongside his extensive
work with boards, has helped him to develop a kite-­‐mark for governance and a governance framework that has been endorsed by Sir Adrian Cadbury.

He is passionate about community development and combines this passion with his expertise in governance by sitting on a number of local, regional and national
boards. He is also one of the founders of the Association of Corporate Governance Practitioners (ACGP).

Karl speaks regularly to boards, governance practitioners and also lectures in governance covering topics such as governance, strategy and leadership and risk.

He is a high profile multi-award winning entrepreneur, an accomplished speaker delivering talks to leaders of businesses and boards in the form of workshops, seminars and keynote presentations. An author of bestseller “Most People Only Try I Make Sure”, Karl inspires his audiences with his passion and depth of subject knowledge.

Kept me interested for 3 hours (which is unusual!) I now feel more confident about my own presentations

Wayne Adkins
Contact Transport

Karl Speaks on the following topics:

  • Governance is more than Compliance – Discover 3 key principles of a well-governed organisation
  • Board Style – Why board behaviour is more important than ‘everything’ else
  • From good to great – How to implement plans and strategies to develop your organisation that go beyond SWOT and PESTEL
  • Three Dimensional Leadership – How to master personal leadership principles
  • The Grabber – How to master effective communication strategies whether one to one or one to many

Can’t wait to do some business with this guy!

Tim Campbell
Winner of The Apprentice

Why Book Karl George?

Karl is able to simplify complicated concepts making them accessible to all and applicable across all sectors. Karl George connects with people from all backgrounds and speaks regularly to individuals, boards, teams and organisations. The topics he regularly covers are: governance, strategy, leadership and risk.

Karl has real entrepreneurial spirit – he is passionate and makes it happen – and this really comes across in presentations

Sahar Hashemi
Coffee Republic