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"The Governance Refresher"

Board effectiveness requires effective leadership and high standards of behaviour and depends on the inter-workings of board resources, board competency and board execution. This talk simplifies the key principles of good governance providing a refresher for those who are more experienced and identifies three key steps that have served as a diagnostic framework for over 100 organisations and has been endorsed by Sir Adrian Cadbury.

From Good to Great

What is the role of the board in setting and monitoring the strategy? Many Boards use strategic thinking tools and techniques to aid their strategy formulation and business planning. This workshop will provide a refresher on the tools that we are familiar with but will also develop them beyond ‘making lists’, which traditionally limits their analytical power and value. By taking these tools to the next stage and introducing some new tools for environmental and internal appraisal organisations’ boards not only craft their strategy but improve planning for implementation and sensitivity analysis.

Board Behaviour Style

This unique insight into board behaviour highlights many of the unhelpful behaviours that boards demonstrate. Carver said boards are incompetent groups of competent people. The presentation, which is also a very successful workshop, identifies these behaviours by examining the attributes of various animals to show how they can become incompetent groups. The penguin board for example being too friendly and lacking diversity or the dog style board who feel that they are there just to rubber stamp.

The Grabber

This dynamic course has been designed to help maximise your unique strengths when presenting. It is beneficial to those people who are experienced speakers and even more to those who are uncomfortable or even fearful of making presentations. Effective communication starts with understanding and developing your peak state. Most people have the ability to communicate well in certain environments but are uncomfortable in others. All of these skills are essential when taking part in board meetings.

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Karl has real entrepreneurial spirit – he is passionate and makes it happen – and this really comes across in presentations

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