Discipline is the key

This month I want to speak to us about discipline. When all things are said and done and we try to evaluate why we have achieved or not achieved our goals you will find that discipline is a key component in the answer. A lack of discipline is the root cause of failure but a consistent and sustained effort can only lead to success.

Think about it have you ever achieved anything worthwhile without the application of discipline to the task whether it is the hours of routine drills to learn an instrument, new language or even a new sport or the self-discipline to change your diet or exercise regime? But what is discipline really, one definition states that discipline is training to act in accordance with rules. Let’s take this month to explore how we can act in accordance with this definition. I have taken the liberty of choosing three rules for us to adopt or put another way 3 habits that we can form. As the old adage goes – well my summary anyway, “through our habits are destinies are formed.”

1. An apple a day will keep the doctor away. Have you ever felt really bad health wise? A really intense migraine or tooth ache, a back ache that will not shift or even more serious illness. No money in the world is a substitute for good health but why do we neglect the daily routines that in the longer term help to ensure a healthy lifestyle. The first discipline I want us to work on this month if not already a part of your regime is to do with your health. Start by eating well, fruit and vegetables, cut out/down on the junk, minimise the traditional fried meals, cut down on the rice and peas, the chips and Chinese take – away. Next get your exercise regime sorted get your heart pumping at least three times per week even if it just means going for a walk. Twenty minutes aerobic exercise three times per week is crucial to long-term health.

2. A proverb a day will keep the devil away. Having worked on the body it is now time to exercise the mind and the spirit. One way to do this is to study one of the 31 proverbs in the bible each day. We can cover all of them in March if we do one each day. So as soon as you get this email get your bible out a New International Version or Message translation will make it an easier read or go onto www.biblegateway.com and read a proverb each day. Take some time for silence, stillness and solitude away from the hustle and bustle get into prayer and meditation endeavouring to heed the wisdom of the ages to direct your life. All of us have a weakness or temptation that can take us off track, away from what we know to be right or the correct route towards our goals. The bible and the proverbs specifically can be used for instruction, correcting us when we are going the wrong way and sometimes reminding us what is right and wrong so that we can take the right path.

3. Don’t start a day without planning that day – don’t let life just happen to you get into the habit of planning each day before it starts the same should be done in planning for each week and month, you will have heard me say this before. Create a task list for the day – time the tasks and schedule them into your diary, working at each task until it is completed before moving onto the next one. Group similar tasks like phone calls into a block where possible. This single habit can dramatically increase your productivity and help you towards whatever success means to you.

So here are the three habits – Get healthy exercising three times a week and adjusting your diet, read a proverb a day and apply the principles that you will learn and finally plan each day itemising your tasks and work through them one at a time.

Tips for this month – from K.George Tips Booklet 67 tips for success:
• Get a personal organiser. Develop your system of how you record your time. Time invested in organising your time will produce enormous results.
• Get a journal. Record your goals in every area of your life. It will serve as a reminder, a reference point and a monitoring tool.
• Work on your business not in your business. You want to create something that will give you time to enjoy the other aspects of life.
• Keep good company. The people you spend your time with should serve to enhance your relationship and your success. Make sure they share similar ideals and can give to the relationship as well as take.

Until next month stay blessed.