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Karl is an accomplished author and has published several books, also writing articles for several industry based publications and online mediums including ICSA’s Governance and Compliance Magazine.

Most recent offerings:

Corporate Governance 3.0 “an international perspective on modern governance and three levels of history and maturity.

‘The Effective Board Member – What Every Board Member Should Know’, launched in Autumn 2017 and immediately went to number one in the Best Sellers list for Management and Leadership on Amazon Kindle.

Other books include:

  • Most People Only Try I Make Sure;
  • Boards Behaving Badly;
  • The Little Book of Governance.

Articles for a range of publications include:

  • Moving Governance Forward – The Effective Governance Framework for Civil Society;
  • Board Behaviour Styles for Governance Magazine;
  • Does Good Governance Impact Social Enterprise? for Social Enterprise Magazine;
  • Confidently Wrong for Governance and Compliance Magazine;
  • The Importance of Governance to Voluntary and Community Sectors in the UK for the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants Newsletter
  • Self-Assessment Toolkit and framework for assessing Governance Criteria – A Corporate Manual
  • A Business Strategy for the African Caribbean Business Community for the African Caribbean Business Forum Consultation;
  • Evaluating Performance for Governance and Compliance Magazine.

Karl is an accomplished media performer, sharing his knowledge and passion for governance in radio and television interviews. He is also a Visiting Professor at Birmingham City University.

Hear an extract from Karl’s book – ‘The Effective Board Member – What every Board Member should know’ here:

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