Strategic Life Plan

I was reviewing my strategic plan today; it has been over three years now since I wrote it. With all that has happened in the last three years it definitely needs an overhaul. It has been over this time period that the world has experienced a global financial meltdown, which has impacted me and my finances in ways that I would never have imagined when I wrote it in 2008.

The impact of the banking crisis, credit crunch and property downturn has created some positive outcomes and many opportunities have presented themselves, but like many other people over this period I have experienced some real financial challenges that I didn’t anticipate. On the family front I could never have imagined the rapid development of a boy who is 11 years of age then to the 14 year old now (my oldest son) and to think I have two more boys about to go through that transition over the next three years.

Yes you did read correctly, I have a strategic life plan just like a business would have. Some of you reading will be thinking that this guy is going over the top. Why would someone want to take the time to write a plan for their life? Well I would never advise someone to be running a business without a strategic or corporate plan spanning the horizon for the next three to five years. So why wouldn’t I have a strategy for my life and a plan for achieving it. It doesn’t mean that I can’t be guided by the changing circumstances that life has to offer and I am fully aware that God can intervene at any time, but having a plan is definitely better than not having a plan.

When I review the plan there will be one thing that won’t change that much, if at all and that is my code of conduct. I mention this now because I am sure this is going to come up again as a regular feature in the future having reconnected with a friend of mine Derek Mills aka “ The standards man” You see the strategic plan does have a description of what I see my future looking like with some key objectives. But what’s more important are the tools that I will use as a compass to get me to my destination. These tools are my core values, my principles of engagement and my code of conduct.

If I can stick to my core disciplines and always be the person that I am supposed to be I will be able to navigate my way through life. I have included some of my code as an example and if you want a copy of a strategic life plan pro forma you can register on my website ( and download it from member’s resources.

• I put God first in all that I do
• I thank God for all that I have
• I give of myself without seeking return
• I expect more of myself than anyone else could imagine
• I am the best person I can be
• I have a continuous habit of learning
• I take massive action to achieve my goals as though I cannot fail
• I am strong in times of adversity, living with order and discipline.
• I live with balance and harmony in all areas of my life.
• I am honest and trustworthy
• I carry an optimistic and cheerful countenance at all times
• I have respect for other people and I do not judge or criticize
• I am loving and compassionate in my relationships.

Until next month I pray blessings and open heaven for you.